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What is Water Can?

Is a product designed to provide a solution for the filth existing on streets and private gardens caused by dog's droppings and urine. Water Can system in conceived to cover all the world since it is the first one on external containers cleaning, focuses on using the new sanitation technologies for the collection of dog's droppings with an integrated urban impact.


Water Can is conceived to introduce a new generation of receptacles as its unique design and its usefulness blend nicely with the urban settings. Through this system, the placement, the use and the cleaning are made extremely easy.

Who we are?

The company  C.Y.M.A.  Alcalá de Henares  are the manufacturers and sellers of devices called Water Can.


This device has been designed, patented and manufactured by Vitantonio Cannillo, C.Y.M.A. manager as well the brand has patented Water Can.



Product presentation


Water Can is a product designed to provide a solution for the filth existing on streets and plaza, in public and private parks, caused by dog's droppings and urine.


Water Can system in conceived to cover the entire national territory since it is the first one the combines the cleaning of both droppings and urine in a receptacle placeable in public streets and plaza.


It focuses on using the new sanitation technologies for the collection of dog's droppings with an integrated urban impact. The images represent directly and significantly its efficiency and impact.


Currently there are two models of Water Can. The first is the small, ideal for homes with garden. While the larger model is appropriate for public roads, squares, communities, etc.


How to use it

As you can see, it is very simple to use: The dog's owner just has to make the animal go through Water Can where it will deposit its dropping and urine with no need to be picked up.


As of today there is no product comparable to our Water Can. It is the only product able to collect liquid and solid droppings and urine.


Water Can brand is also the only one to able to combine collection, cleaning and sanitation of the receptacle since it is only one that distributes, installs and maintains the product without involving third parties.

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1. Researching for proper location of Water Can, not only for its use but also to meet the needs of those living in a specific area.


2. Placing Water Can as close as possible to a street shaft to facilitate the direct dumping, through a tube, of the liquids caused by the cleaning process.


3. Collecting of daily droppings by an aspirator e manual means.


4. Changing Sepiolite every 15 days.


5. Water Can cleaning and sanitation every 15 days.


6. Maintaining in good order of image and use the whole Water Can.

Functional and structural composition


Our Water Can consist of:


- A well-built good looking base of 2 or 3 mts. diameter to be installed in chosen location.

- A mesh dome with a pole in the center.

- Sand with scented Sepiolite in the bottom of the internal part of the base.

- Access through 2 or 3 doors with specifically designed latch so that the dog cannot exit before it carries out its physiological needs.


Note: we believe that the best color would be glossed white with a brown post and some green leaves to recreate a "real tree" feeling for the dog.


The employment opportunities will be calculed based upon the number of installed Water Can systems and in connection with functional maintenance of them.


It is necessary to identify and agree upon the locations for the installation in advance. It is also necessary to verify possible height differences so to provide Water Can with the needed support to overcome such issue. The installation of Water Can will not take place before 30 days after the signing of the contract.

Product's diagram and material


Water Can consist of three parts that, once installed and connected by bolts, form one solid block.


The vase or jardinière
It is the bottom piece, it is built with iron sheets with a 5mm bottom and 4mm sides. It is placed on support legs. The perimeter wall has 12 holes to allow rainwater to exit. The inside of the vase does not present any sharp corner to avoid any danger for the dogs and deposits. In the center there is the compartment to connect the post, indispensable for the dogs. In a specific point there is the access door for small size dogs. On the top of the circumference there are 4 rings necessary for placement, the removal or needed changes of location. The vase or jardinière in its entirely is 73cm tall.


It consist of a structure built with tube and perimeter net.

1. A base built with tubes with holes to be connected to the vase.

2. There are a set of curved tubes that from the base moves towards the center to form the basic structure of the dome, strong enough to handle weather occurrences and vandal actions.

3. A 5mm thick net is welded to the set of tubes with a 5x5cm window.

4. On the top of the dome there are a ring for the entire dome and post, this structure in its entirely is 159cm tall.

5. The dome has a special lath that allows the dog to enter but not to exit until it has carried out its physiological needs.


It consists of a tub with a diameter that get smaller with height. On the top part there are 3 branched with leaves to decorate the setting and facilitate dogs in carrying out their needs.



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